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On My Mind
        The sun would've been setting by the time we got to her house. Of course we couldn't tell because dark storm clouds were obscuring the sky. It had been dark since five. Her house looked almost the same as it did several months before. It seemed cleaner than before but it still had that exact same scent. In fact, I could even tell you the name of it. She no longer had her game console left out on the floor like she always did and the furniture in the living room was rearranged.
        "Let's just wait here," she said, "at least until the others come over." She sat down on the big red couch. I didn't sit next to her. I didn't put my arm around her. She smiled awkwardly; I'm not sure if I smiled.
        "You're so beautiful tonight," I didn't say.
        "So how've you been lately?" she said, "it seems like we only talk
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The Light of the First Watch
       My lips quivered with excitement. The feeling of the words on my lips threw me further into an ecstatic fit. Although I stood relatively still on my makeshift stage of rotting cargo boxes, I felt like I was shaking at the core of my being. I began to feel almost weightless. I shut my eyes.
        "The forces will arise from the depths, they have been lingering for years," I yelled, continuing my speech, "those departed have been watching us and they know. The master sees us, we've been shitting where we sleep for years."
        I opened my eyes again. The crowd was much larger than before. I chose my audience well. There was to be a festival that night at the harbour front. It was a yearly event that no one from the town would willingly miss. So that is why there were crowds of people bustling around as I spoke; many, many people were running around preparing for
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Another Trivial Step
Don't you just wish I'd go away?
I'm that feeling you get, that uncertainty. The lack of self confidence, the paranoia of things you can't change. Did you really think you made the right choice there?
That's rather pretentious of you. Wouldn't you love to get away?
You would, you'd love to hide.
I'm why you can't let go of the past, I'm why you're damned in the future. I'm why you feel like shit right now, even though everything should be OK.
Does someone care about you? That person cares about someone else more, and you know it.
Do you do something really well? Someone else does it better.
What's the point of being unique?
You're not so good on your own either, are you?
You thought I died and left a while ago. Well you were wrong, so now I'm back.
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I Know More
        It was a few months since the voices began. The end of summer's tyranny was in sight. Even though it was a summer Sunday in mid august October seemed to only be a few paces away.
        I learned a few things about the voices. First of all, they were unlike any human in that they could be trusted. One day I was told that the 4:15 bus was going to be late by exactly thirteen minutes. The bus arrived at 4:28. I slowly began to realize that everything it spoke to me was true. Although some of what it said was vague, I forgot all fear of the voice and learned to accept this helping voice. Sometimes it told me very useful things. It told me things people were going to tell me before they said it, so at work I was always prepared. It began to read people's thoughts of me to me. I began to know who really disliked me and who just didn't care.
        I didn't ask fo
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I Can Feel the Pull
I want to die over you
I want you to lay down and stare back at me
and I will look straight back at you
not because I want you to be the last thing I see
but because I want you to see me as I go
not as revenge or some strange obsession
but because I want you to know what you did to me
just to clarify exactly what I meant
so I'll put the barrel in my mouth and you'll look up
at my bagged, blood shot, tearless eyes
and the memories of you will fly out the top of my skull
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Meowmii Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011
Does your name actually mean anything?
ISRTNIWTFOJSEIMMAINS Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011  Hobbyist
Yes in fact it does. It's an acronym of some song lyrics
Meowmii Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Oh, that's pretty cool. What are the lyrics?
ISRTNIWTFOJSEIMMAINS Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2011  Hobbyist
I still remember that night it was the fourth of july, still engraved in my mind and I'm not suprised.
Streetlight Manifesto, On and On and On
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R-A-W Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the favourite! :)
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